Three main classes of models are produced within the project: DSGE models, to be mainly used in counterfactual policy simulations; macro structural models, more targeted at medium term forecasting and policy simulations; and short-term forecasting, mainly data driven. The MMP work has been organised into different work streams, focusing respectively on:

·         the development of a comprehensive database for the modeling project;

·         The creation of an infrastructure to run models efficiently and in a comparable manner;

·         the creation of a structural econometric  model of the Irish economy; 

·         the development of a DSGE model for the Irish economy;

·         the development of several more specialized models for forecasting;

·         the development of a website for the dissemination of models, data and related analytical work;

·         the running of a seminar series dedicated to modeling issues and related topics.

 Models, related research and publications and code will be publicly released for use as a public good (see section "models" of this website).