The Macro Modelling Project is open to external participation.

    • We collaborate with the academic community, sharing seminars, information, and working together in the realization of specific aspects of the models.
    • We collaborate with other institutions, inviting experts, and developping models as common activities (e.g. the Irish Eagle)
    • We hire interns, consultants, and new members of the team through wide spread public announcements and competitions.
  1. The activities of the Macro Modelling Project are public, including seminars organized within the premises of the bank. The scope is to diffuse a modelling culture and to increase, through interactions and public scrutiny, the quality of our work. To this end, we encourage comments, suggestions and proposals.
  2. The results of the project and the models produced are distributed via this website as a public good. (For research activities and under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later). The output includes
    • working papers explaining the models and how they work
    • the code of the models, the relative databases, and analytical work shown at seminars
    • all other material, including papers and presentations from seminars (these remain however intellectual property of the authors).