The real-time database is a collection of vintages for a wide variety of variables that may be of interest to model builders. The purpose of the real-time database is to allow studies to be undertaken that involve data that has undergone revision.  In other words, the real-time database allows researchers to look back at snapshots of the economy at different times in history and use the data that was available at that particular time.


From this page you can navigate to:

MMP Metadata - a detailed description of the data in the MMP databases. Choose the 'Real-time Database'  or the 'Main Economic Indicators' tab.
The Real-time Database - Main Economic Indicators - frequently used economic time-series in vintage form. About 50 series.
The complete Real-Time Database - the full set of time-series in the database in vintage form. About 2500 series.

Please read carefully the dating convention on these files (File format, below).


Frequency: Different frequencies (Quartely or monthly, as available)

Availability: varies from each series.

File format:

  • files are sepatarate for each variable (each file contins the available releases for one variable only)
  • dates (first column of each spreadsheet) are in numerical, decimal format: the four quarters of 1997, for example, are 1997.00 , 1997.25 , 1997.50 , 1997.75 . This format facilitates extracting samples with programs such as MATLAB and R.
  • release dates (second row of each spreadsheet) are in numerical, but human-readable format. For example, 2013.1219 refers to a series (beginning in row 3) released on 19 December 2013.

All the data are in the public domain and periodically refreshed. We encourage its use for any academic and research purpose, but we cannot provide direct support. We highly appreciate comments pointing out at improvements and signalling mistakes.