The Irish database consists of the latest available data for a number of key economic indicators.

Download - The Ireland Database and Metadata

This file includes:

  • MMP Metadata - a detailed description of the data in the MMP databases. Choose the 'Ireland Database' tab.
  • The Ireland Database - the most recent data for each of frequently used economic time-series.


Frequency: Quartely data

Availability: mostly from 1997, several series go further backwards.

File format: dates (first column of each spreadsheet) are in numerical, decimal format: the four quarters of 1997, for example, are 1997.00 , 1997.25 , 1997.50 , 1997.75 . This format facilitates extracting samples with programs such as MATLAB and R.

All the data are in the public domain and periodically refreshed. We encourage its use for any academic and research purpose, but we cannot provide direct support. We highly appreciate comments pointing out at improvements and signalling mistakes.