Lars Frisell is Director of Economics and Chief Economist.

He joined the Central Bank in June 2012 from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority where he held the position of Chief Economist since 2009. In that role he was responsible for establishing a new economics department, leading the authority’s policy work and macro-prudential analysis and supporting operational departments in supervisory activities. Prior to this, he held a number of roles at the Swedish Central Bank – the Riksbank - including that of Deputy Head of the Financial Stability Department and Head of the Macroprudential and Financial Markets Division. He has also worked in research roles at the Riksbank, European Central Bank and Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung.

A native of Sweden, Lars holds a PhD in Economics from the Stockholm School of Economics, an M.Sc in Mathematical Methods from Northwestern University, Illinois, an M.Sc in Business and Economics from the Stockholm School of Economics and a Major in International Business from HEC de Paris.  



John FitzGerald is President of the Association d’Instituts Européens de Conjuncture Économique and a former president of the Irish Economic Association. He is currently a member of the Commission of the Central Bank of Ireland. In the past he has served as a member of the National Economic and Social Council and of the board of the Northern Ireland Authority for Energy Regulation. He was also a member of the Irish Energy Research Council, of the Independent Water review Panel, Northern Ireland and of the High Level Group on Green Enterprise. He chaired the Renewable Energy Strategy Group for the Department of Public Enterprise. He was a member of the EU "Group for Economic Analysis" from 2002-2004 advising the President of the EU Commission on matters of Economic Policy. 


Stefan Gerlach was appointed Deputy Governor (Central Banking) in September, 2011. Prior to joining the Bank, he served as Professor of Monetary Economics and Managing Director of the Institute for Monetary and Financial Stability at the University of Frankfurt, as CEPR Research Fellow and a Fellow of the CFS. He has served as Head of Secretariat to the Committee on the Global Financial System at the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), as Executive Director (Research) at the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and Director of the Hong Kong Institute for Monetary Research. Before joining the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, he was a staff economist at the BIS.